International Incentive Travel

Airport Services


  • IIT offers the most modern equipment for any transportation service, all our motorcoaches are fully equipped, our Deluxe mini and large vans are standarized with the same white color, A/C, professional uniformed drivers.
  • For all our VIP arrivals, we have the most deluxe SUV´s with A/C.
  • All our vehicles have an insurance policy according with our Mexican Law.
  • All our drivers are bilingual, uniformed and trained to handle all Corporative services.
  • All vehicles will have at the front window a sign with the logo and group´s name.


  • IIT has established the best relationships with the key staff at the International Cancun Airport in order to be able to provide to all our top VIP´s a special greet and meet and expedite the Emigration and Custom procedures.
  • IIT has a well-known and experienced Airport Manager and Supervisors that can handle all sizes of groups.

Additional Services

  • IIT offers upon request fresh towels, purified bottle of water and soft drinks.


  • Our Airport Staff are full bilingual.
  • IIT will provide Staff to coordinate the luggage handling with the Sky Caps at the airport.
  • IIT Airport Staff in the event there is a missing luggage, will do the pertinent follow up with the Airline Staff and the Hotel.
  • IIT Airport Staff will keep track of the arrival of all participants by flight.
  • IIT Staff will communicate by PTT radio with the Hospitality Desk at the host Hotel of the program the status of the flights.
  • IIT Hospitality Desk Staff will also communicate with the Hotel Staff and the Trip Director in charge of the program all arrivals.
  • IIT will coordinate to have a spot man 7 minutes before the Hotel in order to announce the VIP and the rest of the arrivals to the Hospitality Desk.
  • IIT Staff are capable to give an orientation briefing to all participants upon their arrival on board the motorcoaches.

Communications and Technology

  • IIT has a Airport Booth at Terminal 3 with a screen plasma where we meet all our participants.
  • IIT design with our Creative Department all computerized signs with the logo and name of the program in double sizes.
  • Trade flight system by flight view