International Incentive Travel

Hospitality Desk


  • For IIT the Hospitality Desk it is the most important communication point between the participants and the organize committee.
  • All our laptops at the Hospitality Desk are connected to our Company's server that allows to our Travel Coordinators to have the group's information synchronized.
  • Our Group's Hospitality Desk is set with a flower arrangement, telephone for local calls, basket, flip charts with computerized signs with group's logo.
  • IIT has as part of our high technology with a software on line for dine around reservations. This means that all restaurants will be able to see their reservations on line in order to avoid any duplication or any overbooking.
  • Optional Activities selected previously by the Meeting Planner for the group members, will be available at the Hospitality Desk and charge throughout a major credit cards or US dollars.
  • IIT also has a software on line for activities in Cancun and Riviera Maya where all suppliers will be able to track all reservations.
  • Our Operation Department will assign the same staff for activities and Hospitality Desk during the staying of any program.
  • IIT provides Sign Ups for optional activities, Departure Notice information, Bag Pull, Arrival and Departure Manifest format.

Travel Coordinators

  • All our Travel Coordinators are full bilingual.
  • All our Travel Coordinators have experience in handling all the important details of the assigned program.
  • All our Travel Coordinators are uniformed, presentable, friendly attitude and ethic and professional values.
  • Our Travel Coordinators will have a laptop, printer, scanner and the PTT Radio.
  • Each Travel Coordinator will have a binder with all the information of the group assigned.
  • Each Travel Coordinator will have an office kit at the Hospitality Desk for any need.
  • Each Travel Coordinator will have a first aid kit for any minor misshapen.
  • Our Travel Coordinator will establish a streamline communication with the Airport Staff on the group's departure day.